VERITY and sister projects together at ENRIO to Strengthen Trust in Science

On 7 September, as part of the ENRIO Congress at the Sorbonne University in Paris, VERITY, together with its sister projects IANUS and POIESIS, hosted a dynamic and interactive workshop entitled “How can we strengthen trust in science? An open discourse among EU-funded projects on the role and responsibilities of stewards of trust”.

The event brought together project leaders, researchers and experts from different EU-funded projects to explore the many challenges and opportunities of research integrity practices for trust in science.
The seminar provided a unique platform to explore collaborative ways to promote trust in science, research and innovation, to reach out to relevant stakeholders amplifying their collective voices, and to share insights and experiences that will shape the forthcoming VERITY recommendations.

Lisa Häberlein, EUREC, VERITY’s WP2 Lead, moderated this insightful session, that set the stage for an engaging exchange of ideas with a warm welcome and guided the discussions. Agata Gurzawska, Trilateral Research, as VERITY project coordinator, then took the floor to introduce VERITY, its mission, and objectives. Serge Horbach, Radboud University, and Hub Zwart, Erasmus University Rotterdam, then provided insights into the POIESIS and IANUS projects, highlighting their respective contributions to trust in science.
A highlight of the event was a keynote speech by Maura Hiney, ALLEA, VERITY ADIM Board Member. Drawing on a wealth of experience, she explored the challenges and opportunities RI practices bring to trust in science, providing valuable perspectives for the following discussions. In particular, her insights were rooted in the advanced version of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ECOC 2023), which added a layer of depth to her discourse.
The heart of the session was a stimulating 60-minute interactive roundtable where participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions on key areas of collaboration, including open science, citizen science, research ethics, research integrity, and responsible research and innovation.
Together, participants identified challenges and potential strategies to overcome barriers to trust in science.

At the ENRIO Congress, VERITY engaged in meaningful discussions not only with experts from research integrity institutions, projects, and networks but also with influential policy actors, including representatives from the JRC and the EU Commission. They also had the privilege of meeting members of their ADIM Board, which included prominent figures like Maura Hiney,  Rose Bernabe, coordinator of ROSiE, BEYOND, and XR4Human, and Jonas Åkerman, a member of the EARMA working group ERION. During one of the plenary sessions,  Dorian Karatzas, European Commission, shared valuable insights on the importance of thinking globally while taking local actions to promote research integrity and enhance the EU’s leadership in this regard. His presentation resonated strongly with VERITY’s mission to fortify the trust ecosystem.

This workshop was the first step in building a well-connected and mutually enriching network that will flourish in future VERITY Cluster meetings in 2024 and 2025. It also laid the groundwork for a joint effort to consolidate collaborative efforts to promote trust in science.
At a time when trust in science is shaping the future, this workshop served as a beacon, uniting stakeholders to strengthen the trust ecosystem, foster collaboration and promote common goals. As the spirit of collaboration grows, the VERITY project and its sister projects IANUS and POIESIS look forward to more such enriching interactions in the years to come.