VERITY Advisory and Impact Board holds inaugural meeting to foster trust in science

The first online meeting of the VERITY Advisory and Impact Board took place on Thursday 11 May 2023. In addition to the VERITY Consortium, nine highly qualified experts from various fields of interest participated, who will have a great impact in shaping the VERITY project and acting as our Ambassadors and Advisors.

They all have extensive expertise in the area of trust in science, e.g., in research projects, networks, working groups, or other collaborations, in education, training, and awareness-raising programs, in the area of responsible use of social media and knowledge sharing, and many other fields.

The meeting was a great opportunity to get to know each other and kick-start a discussion about the VERITY project, its goals, and the common way to achieve them. This first meeting has highlighted many opportunities for collaboration, including but not limited to connecting with the Embassy of Good Science.

We are happy and delighted to work with this highly motivated group of experts who are willing to work hard to promote societal trust in science and to facilitate collaboration between science and society.

The VERITY consortium thanks all ADIM Board members for their commitment and for joining VERITY’s mission to promote trust in science.