VERITY ADIM Board Members Meeting and Workshop

The #VERITY Project gathered in Athens last June 1st at the University of West Attica for our ADIM Board Member Meeting and Workshop!

This was the very first time some of our Advisory and Impact (ADIM) Board members met in person, and the event was filled with engaging workshops, interactive activities, and insightful discussions centered around the theme of trust in science.

The event kicked off with a brief presentation to the ADIM Board Members of the project’s achievements and results developed so far, followed by hands-on exercises session for identifying priorities and guidelines for the researchers in the next activities. The meeting was extremely successful and allowed for intensive discussions and exchange of ideas in the co-development process of some key project deliverables.

In the afternoon, we hosted various workshops leaded by Agata Gurzawska and Evren Yalaz (Trilateral Research). Lisa Haberlein and Mathieu Rochambeau conducted interviews with some of the ADIM Board Members whose insights will be shared with you soon.
Simultaneously, an online session was coordinated by Mariano Martín Zamorano Barrios (Trilateral Research), ensuring broader participation and engagement of the ADIM Board members who could not attend the workshop in person.

A big thank you to all the partners and ADIM Board members who attended for the valuable contribution and enlightening meeting.
Having all these experts with various background working together will extremely benefit the “VERITY Protocol of Recommendations for “stewards of trust” on guiding societal trust in the R&I system and confidence in its outcomes” development and further exploitation.

All deliverables that are published so far can be found here.