UCLan showcases VERITY Project at European Researchers’ Night in Nicosia

In a bid to raise awareness of climate change, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) actively participated in the European Researchers’ Night in Nicosia on 29 September. UCLan, key partner in the VERITY consortium, presented the VERITY project alongside the UCLan innovative Thinking Lab and BtheChange project. Over 3000 students attended the event.

 In addition to its engaging interactive activities, UCLan showcased the VERITY project’s commitment to tackling misinformation and improving science communication. The engaging activities included games focusing on climate change knowledge and individual environmental values, as well as a poster-drawing initiative encouraging proactive action on climate change and dispelling misinformation surrounding it. VERITY’s focus on tackling misinformation is in line with its mission to improve scientific communication on key global issues and highlights the importance of accurate knowledge dissemination in promoting a sustainable future.

The European Researchers’ Night, an annual initiative supported by the European Commission, aims to bridge the gap between researchers and the public. Held in over 350 cities across Europe, it encourages public engagement with scientific research and innovation. For VERITY, the night served as a platform to inform participants about its aim and activities to increase trust in science and fight misinformation. For VERITY, the European Researchers’ Night is an important event that plays a key role in promoting a culture of research and innovation inspiring the next generation of scientists and researchers and paving the way for a more sustainable and informed future.