The PREPARED Conference report is finally out!

The final report of the PREPARED Conference, held at UNESCO headquarters on 6-7 June, has been published, revealing a significant gathering of more than 50 delegates from 26 countries, including major players such as China, South Korea, Brazil and the United States. The conference aimed to facilitate crucial discussions and collaboration on the pressing issues of research ethics and integrity in the midst of global crises.

On 6 June, Agata Gurzawska, TRILATERAL Research UK, as VERITY project coordinator, gave a presentation on the VERITY project and its groundbreaking concept, The Machines of Trust, and its ecosystem approach, exploring the realms of both traditional and modern Stewards of Trust.

The PREPARED project presented an ethics and integrity framework tailored to facilitate rapid and effective research responses to global crises.
During the event, participants were introduced to early project findings and an innovative approach to policy briefs. Highlights included discussions on bridging the gap between research ethics and research integrity, and strategies for inclusive research involving marginalised populations to ensure equitable participation in the research process.

This conference marks a pivotal moment in the global quest for ethical and inclusive research practices, fostering a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing between nations. Stay tuned for further developments as the world unites in its commitment to advancing research ethics and integrity on a global scale.

Click on the image below to download the report!