REA recognises pioneering contributions: VERITY and Sister Projects celebrated for building trust in science on World Science Day

On 9 November, the European Research Executive Agency (REA) published a feature article recognising the significant contributions of VERITY, IANUS and POIESIS to building trust in science. On the occasion of the World Science Day for Peace and Development, the REA highlighted the impact of Inclusive Science, highlighting projects that focus on inclusivity and actively involve citizens in producing knowledge. This engagement not only strengthens citizens’ trust in science but also promotes real-world applications for the benefit of society.

The article looks at the critical role science plays in conflict resolution, inclusivity and societal development. It highlights the need for trust in science to unlock its full potential, inspire the scientists of tomorrow and facilitate the application of discoveries in the real world. In response to the theme ‘Building trust in science‘, VERITY, IANUS and POIESIS are actively working to ensure science transparency and foster citizens’ trust. By prioritising inclusivity, these projects actively involve citizens in the knowledge production process, ultimately contributing to the real-world applications of scientific advances. The article also highlights the Swafs project and CROWD4SDG.
In a world of emerging conflicts, these projects stand as beacons, demonstrating the positive impact of science on peace, development and inclusive societies.

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