OPERAS: Trust on 2024 – Tackling Disinformation

We are excited to share the outcomes from the recently concluded OPERAS International Workshop, organised under the support of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. 

Aligned with the United Nations’ vision of a more trusted digital future, this international workshop highlighted a human-centric approach to combating disinformation, moving beyond tech solutions. Its purpose was to develop actionable strategies and provide practical recommendations for the UN Summit of the Future in September of 2024.

The key focus subjects were science, mediation and infrastructure.



Science Track Highlights:

The Science track, co-facilitated by VERITY, IANUS, POIESIS, and COALESCE, focused on combating disinformation and enhancing trust in science. The track was led by Dr. Agata Gurzawska, Dr. Charlotte Brune, and Dr. Tine Ravn.



VERITY Session:

The VERITY onsite session was held on 27 June from 14:00-16:00 CET at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), moderated by Dr. Agata Gurzawska, one of VERITY partners from Trilateral Research. The session was titled: “How can stewards of trust collaborate to enhance engagement against (digital) dis- and misinformation in the context of science?”.

This session explored how various stakeholders like research funding organizations, universities, policymakers, citizens, companies, and social media platforms, can collaboratively combat digital dis- and misinformation. The discussion highlighted ‘trust in science’ as a dynamic relationship within the ecosystem of trust, emphasizing the roles of both traditional and non-traditional Stewards of Trust.



Presentations and Rountable Discussions:

Monachelis Panagiotis, one of VERITY partners from the University of West Attica presented “Fact or Fiction: The Battle against Scientific Disinformation in the Social Media Arena,” highlighting the importance of social media data in combating disinformation and offering recommendations to policymakers.

The full presentation is here.



Dr. Agata Gurzawska presented during the roundtable the main challenges related to disinformation in the context of science. This panel included other notable speakers such as Declan Kirrane, Chairman of the Science Summit and ISC Intelligence, with his presentation on “Trust in the UN Summit of the Future”, Thomas Parisot, and Suzanne Dumouchel.

The full presentation is here.



More info Soon:

Further information about the workshop proceedings and specific outcomes will be provided soon, with a brief summary expected from Dr. Agata Gurzawska.


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The event was concluded on June 27 with outstanding moderation and presentations from our two partners.

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