irecs first Cluster meeting to kick off cluster collaboration

In an important step towards addressing the growing ethical concerns in research technology, VERITY participated in the first kick-off meeting of the irec Cluster on 27 September. This online meeting brought together 23 participants, including representatives from prestigious projects such as PreparedNerqTechethosHybridaRosie and Poiesis.

The meeting began with introductions from the participating projects, setting the stage for a collaborative exchange of ideas. NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) presented an overview of irecs, outlining its overall aims and objectives. Discussions focused on exploring potential synergies within the cluster and the strategic focus of future meetings.

The main objective of this inaugural cluster meeting was to establish links and gain insight into the future direction of the cluster. As these meetings will be held four times a year, participants engaged in thoughtful reflection on how their respective projects can support the goals of irecs and work together effectively. It was unanimously agreed that future cluster meetings would focus on activities and outcomes designed to foster productive collaboration and leverage existing synergies. Specific tasks, in particular related to research ethics training, will be a priority for joint discussion and implementation.

irecs is a Horizon Europe project dedicated to addressing the ethical challenges posed by new technologies in research. The project recognises the urgent need to equip researchers with the tools and knowledge to anticipate and mitigate ethical concerns in technology-driven research, and to ensure that ethical standards keep pace with rapid advances in the field.

VERITY is enthusiastic about its involvement in irecs and looks forward to working together to improve research ethics in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.