First steps to boost trust in science: VERITY brings together stewards of trust through its stakeholder engagement strategy

Stewards of trust are important to ensure that research and innovation are responsible and that research results are reliable. This is essential to ensure that science benefits society.

VERITY brings together different stakeholders affected by the issue of trust in science to capture their perspectives and reflect them in project outcomes. Additionally, VERITY helps to strengthen the network of stewards of trust in the ecosystem of trust through stakeholder engagement. In activities such as social media interventions, focus groups or scenario workshops, the perspectives of policy makers, research institutions and research funders as well as other research and innovation actors such as influencers, journalists or citizens are included. In this way, VERITY also aims to deepen collaboration between science and society.

However, as this is not an easy task and poses potential risks, such as an imbalance between representatives from different countries and fields of expertise or stakeholder fatigue, a strategy has been developed to involve key actors in a systematic, effective, and engaging way.

The stakeholder engagement strategy explains how the perspectives of different individuals, groups and organizations will be incorporated into project activities to promote trust in science and help VERITY deliver high quality results. As the success of the project is highly determined by the diversity of voices that are included, the report highlights the importance of stakeholder participation and explains the role of stewards of trust and other relevant stakeholders in the engagement processes. The strategy also draws on previous studies and recommendations from other projects.

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