D1.1 Review paper of previous EU projects’ results and recommendations

This report is part of the VERITY project, an ambitious undertaking, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe funding programme for research and innovation, that is geared to establish and maintain sufficient level of trust in science and its tangible benefits to society to ensure future scientific advancement.

The report analyzes previous European Union (EU) funded projects related to public trust in science and science-society cooperation. And has three main objectives:

  1. to review and systematise the results of previous projects regarding the issues of public trust in science and science-society co-creation;
  2. to examine what kind of tools these projects used and present their main findings; and
  3. to identify the most important shortcomings and barriers in these approaches.

The report analyzed a multitude of projects from the Horizon 2020 – Science with and for Society (SwafS) Program, and identified five key themes:

  1. The public’s roles in science-society cooperation
  2. Collaborative decision-making and public trust in science
  3. The importance of science communication strategies
  4. The impact of Responsible research and innovation (RRI)
  5. Barriers, challenges and strategies to overcome them.

After presenting the main objectives of the present study within the VERITY project and outlining the methodology, the report provides a detailed discussion of each theme and presents qualitative and quantitative data that emerged from the thematic analysis. The report concludes with a summary of its main findings and open issues, which will guide the VERITY project’s future actions.

Read the full report here