Building Trust in Science: VERITY Project at PREPARED Conference

VERITY was recently presented at the conference of its sister project,  PREPARED, on 6 June. The conference at the UNESCO Headquarters brought together more than 50 delegates from 26 countries, including China, South Korea, Brazil, the US, and several European nations, to foster discussions and collaboration on research ethics and integrity in global crises.

During the conference,  Agata Gurzawska, Associate Research Manager at Trilateral Research and VERITY project coordinator, delivered a presentation highlighting the importance of trust in the modern age, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Agata chaired a discussion on the responsibility of being a ‘steward of truth‘ in the context of science and public health where the VERITY project’s focus on research ethics and integrity was emphasized as key to building trust.
The conference also included insightful discussions on various topics, such as accelerating medical research ethically, making research inclusive for marginalised populations, and accounting for special burdens during global crises. Case studies examining research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic and ethics-of-care research involving marginalised people were presented, further emphasising the importance of ethical considerations in research.

The PREPARED project, the host of the conference, aims to develop an operational ethics and integrity framework that supports effective research response to crises, safeguards ethical values, and enhances overall pandemic preparedness. By recognising the broader perspective of crises, motivating action through values, and keeping values understandable, PREPARED seeks to foster an inclusive and ethical approach to research during global crises.
The presentation of the VERITY project at the PREPARED conference underscores the collaborative efforts and shared goals among projects dedicated to strengthening research ethics, integrity, and trust. By working together, these initiatives build a more resilient and trustworthy research ecosystem in the face of global challenges.