Building trust in science on World Science Day at the 4S conference

Trilateral, coordinator of the VERITY consortium, recently participated in the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) conference in Honolulu on 10 November. Agata Gurzawska, invited by the organisers to represent VERITY, contributed to a panel entitled Harnessing European Research Funding To Tackle Global Issues Affecting Science, Technology and Society. Her presentation, which coincided with the World Science Day for Peace and Development, focused on Building Trust in Science. The session was part of a wider collaboration with other EU-funded projects, in particular COALESCE.

The panel brought together eight prominent research projects, each funded by the European Commission to the tune of €10 million, to collectively address the theme of Taking stock and re-examining the role of science communication. Notable projects included CONCISERETHINKQUESTNEWSERATRESCAParCosENJOI and GlobalSCAPE.
The coordinators of these projects used the platform to invite European-funded researchers to share their experiences in channeling European Commission research funding to support global concerns. At the same time, global researchers were encouraged to contribute insights on how such funding could be used to support indigenous research.

4S, an international non-profit association founded in 1975, serves as a hub for interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship in the Social Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine (STS). Comprising researchers and practitioners, the field of STS encompasses science and technology studies, science, technology and society, and related fields in many languages.
This collaborative effort at the 4S conference reflects the VERITY project’s commitment to advancing global conversations in science, technology and society, and contributing to the vibrant community of researchers and practitioners worldwide.