Creating a cluster of like-minded projects substantially minimises the risk of duplicating efforts, fosters a conducive environment for mutual exchange and collaboration, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and active engagement in meaningful discourse.

Sister projects

VERITY builds a core Cluster with POIESIS and IANUS, funded under the same program call on societal trust in science, research and innovation, to maintain open communication channels and sharing of experiences and project progress. To increase the impact of their work, the core Cluster will join forces, especially in dissemination activities, to amplify their voices and achieve greater outreach.


VERITY, a pioneering initiative supported by the European Commission, embarks on a bold mission to bolster trust in science and innovation. Its visionary approach entails crafting a comprehensive set of recommendations to engage stakeholders and citizens, promising profound implications in vital domains like public health and the environment.

At the heart of VERITY's strategy lies the establishment of "stewards of trust" and an interconnected "ecosystem of trust." This innovative framework brings together diverse participants, ranging from research funding organizations and higher education institutions to social media platforms. By fostering collaboration within this dynamic ecosystem, VERITY empowers these stakeholders to engage with one another and the broader public, facilitating the building, negotiation, enhancement, and preservation of societal trust in science.


POIESIS a dynamic three-year project funded by Horizon Europe, takes on the imperative challenge of addressing societal mistrust in science. By investigating the impact of research practices aligned with principles of research integrity and involving citizens and societal stakeholders at various stages of the research cycle, POIESIS aims to comprehend the extent to which societal trust in science, research, and innovation is influenced.

Ultimately, POIESIS envisions the implementation of potent policy recommendations designed to combat societal mistrust in science and foster a robust co-creation of research and innovation content by society. With its multidimensional approach, POIESIS seeks to create a more trustworthy and collaborative research landscape, strengthening the crucial bond between science and society.


IANUS  is a project, funded by Horizon Europe, that strives to strengthen the justified trust in science, research, and innovation by advocating for an inclusive and co-creative research process that prioritizes societal needs and values. With a focus on value-driven research, the project aims to involve researchers in addressing critical global challenges while remaining attuned to societal concerns and aspirations.

Drawing on valuable insights from other relevant projects, IANUS will thoroughly analyze the landscape of trust in science, develop a comprehensive conceptual framework, conduct participatory research, and initiate strategic actions to enhance faith in the scientific community through co-creation and engagement. The project will deliver policy recommendations to key stakeholders in science and society, establishing interactive platforms that foster trust and collaboration between scientists and societal stakeholders.

The broader Cluster

The topic of trust in science is a significant concern for numerous EU-funded projects, both ongoing and completed. Therefore, fostering exchange and collaboration among these projects holds immense value. VERITY, in addition to the core Cluster, forms a broader Cluster with other projects that address trust in science and related topics. These collaborative efforts will facilitate the sharing of experiences, results, and lessons learned, promoting meaningful discussions during broader Cluster meetings with specific thematic focuses.