Trilateral Research

Trilateral and Trilateral UK (affiliated entity) - TRI - have extensive expertise and research experience in several H2020 projects (TECHETHOS, COPKIT, EERAdata, SOTER, TITANIUM, SHERPA) addressing different ‘machines of trust’, as defined in VERITY.

TRI and TRI UK have pioneered the development of data protection, privacy and ethics impact assessment methodologies in EU projects. The experience in developing these methodologies, while engaging a broad range of stakeholders, from academic research, industry and citizen groups on ethical issues, has been endorsed by the EC, e.g. in the case of the SIENNA AI Ethics Principles, and the OECD, e.g. within the AI Governance Working Group. These methodologies, and their further development within this project, will be integral to the production of the VERITY Protocol of Recommendations for enhancing societal trust in science and facilitate open science and science-society co-creation. TRI and TRI UK are also helping a broad range of clients, including public authorities, to build data insights by using algorithms, natural language processing tools and statistical analysis, creating new data sets where gaps currently exist, collecting valuable data through rigorous research, validating data sets and sources, to extract insights from data sets and communicate via user-friendly visualisations. This expertise will enhance the social network analysis in VERITY. TRI and TRI UK are also very experienced in co-ordinating research projects, with the recently funded CC- DRIVER security H2020 project being the last one that is currently under our co-ordination.

Trilateral Research team for the VERITY project



Research Manager / Research Cluster Lead Ethics, Human Rights and Emerging Tech Cluster / Coordinator of the VERITY project



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Research Impact Officer