EUREC Office is the Office of the European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC). The purpose of EUREC is to promote co-operation between national networks of Research Ethics Committees (RECs) in Europe and to act as a platform of exchange concerning activities in research ethics.

The network interlinks European RECs with other bodies relevant in the field of research involving human participants like national ethics councils and the European Commission’s ethical review system. The network forms the infrastructural basis to promote awareness of specific working practices of RECs across Europe, to enhance the shared knowledge base of European RECs, to support coherent reviews and opinions and to meet the challenges posed by ever-emerging ethical issues. 

EUREC has expertise in network building across Europe, various types of ethical reviews, analysing comparative views on ethical approving mechanisms as well as in collecting guidelines and training materials in research ethics, that promote awareness of issues of research ethics and integrity among students, researchers and members of ethics committees, and more.

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