Centre for Social Innovation [ZSI] is a private non-profit research institute for applied social sciences based in Vienna, Austria. As an independent scientific institute, ZSI generates, disseminates and applies knowledge and skills in thematic areas that are of pertinent relevance to meet the grand social challenges of our time, such as societal trust in science which is a crucial prerequisite to reach more equitable and prosperous societies.

ZSI team consists of R&I experts bringing together knowledge and skills about qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social and economic research. ZSI will bring this unique research position to VERITY and provide valuable methodological guidance for the successful implementation of participatory research methods, such as focus groups or vignettes (WP3). ZSI team has also expertise in providing a connection between science and policy (by ‘translating’ scientific ideas to policy language) and support the development and validation of the VERITY protocol. In addition, communication, dissemination and exploitation knowledge (gained among others in various internationally funded projects) will be utilized to support the citizen media lab approach (WP4). The expertise brought by ZSI to the VERITY project is based on previous projects in similar topics, such as TRESCA or New HoRRIzon.

ZSI team for the VERITY project

Gábor Szüdi

Researcher and Project Manager

Pamela Bartar

Research and Innovation Manager and Communication Specialist