Developing Scientific Research with Ethics and Integrity

Do we trust science?

VERITY is a pioneering project dedicated to understanding and enhancing trust in science.

Through rigorous research and collaboration with stakeholders, we develop a 'Protocol of Recommendations' to guide stewards of trust - be they institutions, groups, or individuals - in fostering confidence in scientific findings and encouraging better informed decision-making.

Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that VERITY's tools and methods are tailored to meet societal needs, promoting transparency and inclusivity in scientific endeavors.

Join us in reshaping the landscape of trust in science, where openness, collaboration, and accountability pave the way for a closer connection between science and society.


How VERITY project will make a difference

By understanding the dynamics of trust relationships, the VERITY project aims to strengthen the public's trust in scientific findings, encourage informed decision-making based on scientific evidence, and ultimately foster a more constructive and productive relationship between science and society.

The term Verity

Refers to truth or accuracy which is fundamental. Scientists aim to discover and understand the truths about the natural world through observation, experimentation, and analysis. Verity in science implies commitment to honesty, objectivity, and rigor in the pursuit of knowledge.

/ (ˈvɛrɪtɪ) /
Noun plural -ties

  1. the quality or state of being true, real, or correct
  2. a true principle, statement, idea, etc; a truth or fact


The overall goal of VERITY will be achieved
through the following objectives:


and understand the sources and consequences of mistrust in science


with institutions, stakeholders, and EU projects with similar goals


and test tools for guiding trust in science and addressing the challenges of open science


a protocol of recommendations to improve confidence in the suggestions of policy makers, institutions, and researchers

VERITY in a glance:​









How VERITY will achieve its objectives?

Project Phases and Tasks

VERITY will achieve its objectives by focusing on:

Lead: UCLan
Main Objectives:

  • To investigate the nature and scale of the sources of mistrust in society
  • To identify the consequences of mistrust in science
  • To understand the challenges of science-society co-creation

By achieving these objectives, WP1 will inform subsequent stages of the VERITY project and contribute to the development of strategies and interventions aimed at enhancing trust and fostering more productive collaborations between science and society.


  • To Identify and map the most important stewards of trust and other relevant stakeholders
  • To Develop a stakeholder engagement strategy
  • To Create and manage the VERITY Advisory and Impact Board
  • To Cluster with relevant EU projects to ensure sharing of knowledge

By achieving these objectives, WP2 aims to foster a community of stakeholders within the VERITY project. The engagement of stewards of trust and other relevant stakeholders, as well as collaboration with other EU projects, enhances the project’s expertise, promotes knowledge sharing, and increases the project’s impact in addressing trust-related issues in science

Lead: ZSI

  • To identify the most relevant strategies, tools, and methods tackling societal mistrust in science
  • To understand the conditions under which the identified strategies, tools, and methods are the most effective
  • To assess the conditions for better aligning strategic research with society needs, expectations, and values

By achieving these objectives, WP3 aims to contribute to the development of evidence-based strategies and approaches for addressing societal mistrust in science. The findings will inform the implementation of interventions within the VERITY project and provide guidance on how to align research activities with societal needs ultimately enhancing trust and promoting meaningful engagement between science and society.

Lead: TRI

  • To Synthesize evidence and knowledge collected in previous WPs
  • Develop policy guidance and recommendations in close collaboration with potential users and stakeholders
  • Validate the policy guidance and recommendations, assess their implementability, and potential for practical operationalisation

By achieving these objectives, WP4 aims to co-create a comprehensive and practical protocol that stewards of trust can use to guide actions and initiatives to enhance societal trust in the R&I system and promote confidence in its outcomes. The active involvement of potential users and stakeholders throughout the process ensures that the protocol is aligned with their needs and expectations.


Lead: F6S

  • To elaborate and implement the project’s dissemination and communications plans
  • To engage in innovative and inclusive means of communication and dissemination of scientific narratives that contribute to combating misinformation and fake news
  • To engage with relevant stakeholders to strengthen the co-creation of R&I contents by society
  • To ensure uptake and exploitation of project results and sustainability beyond the project

By achieving these objectives, WP5 aims to effectively communicate the activities and findings of the VERITY project, engage stakeholders, promote accurate scientific narratives, and ensure the long-term impact and sustainability of the project’s results. Through comprehensive dissemination, communication, and engagement strategies, WP5 contributes to enhancing trust in science and fostering meaningful interactions between science and society.

Lead: TRI

  • To guarantee smooth and effective coordination and management
  • To perform ongoing monitoring and comprehensive quality assurance
  • To ensure compliance with ethics and data protection requirements
  • To develop optimal research data management strategy

By achieving these objectives, WP6 contributes to the overall success of the VERITY project by ensuring efficient project coordination and management, maintaining high-quality standards. Through robust governance and management processes, WP6 enables the project to meet its research objectives while adhering to ethical and legal standards.

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VERITY relies on the support of an Advisory and Impact (ADIM) Board of experts​

Comprising esteemed experts, the ADIM Board members offer guidance, participate in project activities, and act as dissemination ambassadors. As “stewards of trust”, they play a vital role in aligning project outcomes with societal needs and values, fostering trust in science and ultimately strengthening the “ecosystem of trust”

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